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Sweed Lashes Ida Sjöstedt Edition Sweed Lashes Ida Sjöstedt Edition

Sweed Lashes Ida Sjöstedt Edition

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Sweed Lashes Ida Sjöstedt Edition are bold false lashes of the highest quality. Ida Sjöstedt Edition frames the eyes with dense and even lashes and provides a dense, dramatic look. They are easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and stay secure until you take them off. Each false eyelash pair can be re-used up to 10 times. Sweed lashes are hand-crafted and have an unique and elaborated band of translucent cotton for a better, easy-to-use fit. Ida Sjöstedt Edition is specially designed by Swedish fashion designer Ida Sjöstedt and developed by prominent Swedish makeup artist Gabriella Elio. The packaging is made of recyclable paper and PET-plastic without harmful additives.

How to use: curl your eyelashes (optional). Hold the lash strip up to your eye to check length. Trim the band from the outer corner of the lash strip if necessary. Hold both edges in a U-shape for a few seconds to bend the lashes. Apply Sweed Lashes adhesive along the band and wait for 30 seconds. Secure the lashes by pressing onto the lash line. Use tweezers if necessary. Finish with one coat of mascara to blend the eyelashes together. Fill in with eyeliner if necessary.

Content: 1 pair of black eyelashes. Glue is sold separately

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