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djv Miaray Volume Lash mascara (former djv beautenizer Volume Lash mascara) d.j.v. Miaray Volume lash mascara

d.j.v. Miaray Volume lash mascara

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d.j.v. Miaray Volume Lash mascara (former d.j.v. beautenizer Volume Lash) is a volume mascara based on the same formula as Fiberwig LX, to create lushious, volumized, plumped lashes. d.j.v. Miaray Volume Lash mascara combines conditioning oils from natural botanicals and silk essences with panthenol to help nourishing lashes. Quick-drying 3D film-coating creates marvelous volume in a moment. Volume Lash mascara can be used in conjunction with Fiberwig LX mascara at times when you wish both volumized and long lashes. The formula repels oil, tears and perspiration and prevents smudging. Yet when you are ready to remove, all that is needed is warm water. d.j.v. Miaray absorbs the warm water and then swells, making it easy to slide off your lashes. Size: 8 g Color: Black


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