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MonthlyCup menstrual cup size 1

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MonthlyCup is a reusable menstrual cup made of medical grade silicon to collect the menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it as traditional sanitary protection do. Once inserted, it fully adapts to vaginal walls and can be used during swimming, excercise and a night's sleep without leaking. The cup is emptied at your regular toilet visits, 2-4 times/day - no need to bring a spare.Menstrual cups are pH-friendly and good for your body, your wallet and the environment - it generates zero waste and does not contribute to deforestation. The manufacturing process is more environmentally friendly than for any other sanitary product. The MonthlyCup has a lifespan of up to 10 year. On average, each woman consumes 11 000 tampons and sanitary pads during her lifetime, which corresponds to no more than 4 MonthlyCups! MonthlyCup belongs to the next generation menstrual cup with a rounded grip at the bottom that doesn't need to be trimmed or adjusted. MonthlyCup is the first menstrual cup to be manufactured in Sweden, which guarantees good conditions for the workers across the board. Please note: As the menstrual cup is a hygiene product, we cannot accept a return if the envelope has been opened. Size: 1 - for thos who have not given birth and are under 30. Size 1 holds 22 mlSize 1: ∅ 43 mmLength: 55 mm w/o knob, 65 mm w knobQuantity: 1 pc


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