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Scratch Nails 3-step polisher large

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A 3-step buffer that files, removes stains and ridges, buffs and polishes nails to a super shine that protects the nail surface and increases blood circulation. To use in treatment with Scratch Nail Food.

To use: Step 1: Start with the rough, dark grey field. It evens ridges and removes miscolourings. Carefully matt the whole nail surface in direction of growth. Please note! This should be done no more than 3 times a year! For follow-up, only matt the new outgrowth. Step 2: The white field gives a preparing shine and should be used after dripping Nail Food on the nail to rub in the oil and increase blood circulation in nailbed and cuticles. Can also be used regulary on uncoated nails. Step 3: At last, you use the light grey rubberside to bring a supershine that protects the nail surface and increases blood circulation. This can be used daily to uncoated as well as coated nails. The protective supershine makes a perfect base for nail coat, which becomes easier to apply with this even, perfect surface, but also men också sticks better and lasts longer. Size: 18 cm


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