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TanCan Serum tan extender

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TanCan Serum tan extender is a hydrating body serum that prolongs your tan and gives a light and natural glow. TanCan Serum has a light self-tanning effect that provides a perfect, sun-kissed glow and a deeper tone to your tan. TanCan Serum keeps your skin moist and elastic, thanks to exclusive ingredients such as jojoba oil, white tea and aloe vera. DHA and erythrulose works to provide your skin with a deep, golden tan. TanCan Serum prolongs and deepens the effect of other TanCan self-tanning products. Containing five essential oils, this body moisturizer brings you a sense of well-being and calm. Free from parabens, mineral oils and perfume. TanCan Serum can be used alone as a rich moisturiser with light self-tanning effect, or, for best result, in conjunction with other products from the TanCan self-tanning system line: TanCan Scrub, Primer, Bronze, Clear and Wipe. Size: 150 ml


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