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Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Pink Fizz detangling hairbrush

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Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Pink Fizz detangling hairbrush has a fantastic ability to detangle hair without causing breakage, splitting or damage. The unique, specifically designed teeth flex just the right amount, detangling and helping to smooth the hair's cuticle, and protect the inner cortex from damage. Damage to the cuticle and cortex is irreversible; therefore prevention is the key to shiny healthy hair. Tangle Teezer's unique design allows effortless detangling whilst minimising tugging, breakage and cuticle damage. Tangle Teezer delivers the same excellent result on even the tightest curls and afro hair. It is superb for natural hair aswell as for hair extensions, wigs, wefts, weaves and clip-in hair. Tangle Teezer was awarded Best New Hairproduct in Great Britain in 2010 and The Queen's Award for Best Enterprise Innovation in 2012.


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