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Ultrasun Face Anti-Pigmentation spf 50+ sun protection

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Ultrasun Face Anti-Pigmentation spf 50+ sun protection is a waterproof sun protection cream for the face that offers a very high all day sun protection. The suncream contains a special Liposome Formula with Ectoin (active DNA-protection and active cell protection) and SOD (enzyme which effectively neutralises free radicals) to protect against UV induced skin-ageing. Face Anti-Pigmentation spf 50+ provides a revolution within anti-aging formulation with targeted anti-pigmentation treatment and active cell protection that restores optimal moisture levels and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and strong pigmentation. Features incredibly fastabsorbing, lightweight and non-greasy textures without emulsifiers, perfume, preservatives or mineral oil to reduce prickly heat. Protects and moisturises the skin and can be used as daily moisturiser. Ultrasun Face Anti-Pigmentation spf 50+ sun protection offers protection against damaging UVA rays and spf 50 against UVB-rays. Resistant to water, perspiration and friction and perfect for face, décolleté and hands. Skintype: all, especially well suited for skin with signs of ageing, sensitive skin, pigment spots and uneven skintone Size: 50 ml


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