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CLEAN Reserve Blonde Rose EdP CLEAN Reserve Blonde Rose EdP CLEAN Reserve Blonde Rose ingredients

CLEAN Reserve Blonde Rose EdP

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CLEAN Reserve Blonde Rose EdP is part of CLEAN Reserve, a niche collection of nine authentic, sustainable and personal fragrances. Each fragrance is linear without much movement from top to bottom, making it ideal for layering and blending. CLEAN Reserve Blonde Rose is a balanced, sophisticated floral fragrance with a modern, feminine twist. Layered with Sueded Oud it can be worn by men, too. Top notes of aquatic aldehydes, heart of rose, peony and jasmine and base of cedarwood, sandalwood and musk. Layer with Sueded Oud or Smoked Vetiver for a perfect combo. Size: 100 ml

Fragrance House: Takasago
Perfumer: Steven Claisse

The sandalwood oil in CLEAN Reserve Blonde Rose is extracted from the most exquisite sandalwood from Sri Lanka, where locals with an ancestral understanding of the tree's properties use ecologically sound harvesting practices to extract the precious oil inside. Closer to home, CLEAN taps boutique distillers to provide artisanal, small batch oils, allowing them to stay in business while the brand promotes development, care and growth overseas.

CLEAN Reserve incarnates the CLEAN mission by gathering pure ingredients responsibly. At least one ingredient is sustainable, the alcohol is extracted from corn and the cellophane packaging from the remains from the corn extraction, the wooden lid originates from organic farming in Spain, and the perfumes are manufactured in factories that are driven by 100% solar energy.

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