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Cuccio Papaya and Green Tea Aqua Leaves

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Cuccio Papaya & Green tea Aqua Leaves are cleansing, deodorizing, sanitizing and moisturizing leaves to spread in a luxuous bath, or in foot bath or manicure bath. The bath gets a wonderful soft apricot color. Contains: 2 large moisturizing leaves with kinetin, squalene olive and green-tea, 6,5gm. cleansing and deodorizing small leaves with lemongrass, tea tree oil and papaya extract, 1 papaya green-tea effervescent tablet with sanitizing chloramine-t helps stop cross contamination.Papaya revitalizes the skin with a natural enzyme papain. Green-Tea is a natural antioxidant Cuccio Naturale is a natural skin treatment system for spa treatment of hands, feet and natural nails

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