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Cuccio Pedicure Starter Kit

Order item, allow a few extra days for delivery
Order item, allow a few extra days for delivery
Product Description:

Cuccio Pedicure Starter Kit is a convenient take-home kit designed to enhance the scentual spa experience of your pedicure. This kit contains everything you need for an indulgent pedicure; invigorating foot salt, exfoliating foot scrub, softening and moisturising cream and massage lotion, toe separators and slippers. Detoxifying and invigorating products that will leave feet softened and revitalized with a true "lift". The kit contains: 1 Cuccio Detoxifying Salt soak 47 ml, 1 Cuccio Micro Exfoliation scrub 56 ml, 1 Cuccio Hydrating Heel treatment 56 ml, 1 Cuccio Extended Massage lotion 56 ml, toe separators and slippers.