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Beautystick 3 pcs pore cleansing stick

79 kr
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Product Description:

Beautystick pore cleansing stick - by using the skin friendly Beautystick you avoid both ugly squeeze marks and the risk of infection when squeezing blackheads.Skin irregularities like blackheads and whiteheads affect men and women of all ages. Todays most common way to squeeze blackheads is to use fingers and nails. However, using our nails does not allow us to reach all spots and is unhygienic, increasing the risk of inflammation.Tests, performed by consumers and professionals, show that it is the perfect tool for treating all kinds of irregularities, even those that are hard to reach e.g. in ears and nose wings.The Beautystick has a wide tip for larger pimples or areas with many small pimples (e.g. chin), and a narrow tip for the smaller pimples, sensitive problem areas that are hard to reach (e.g. ears, nose).Beautystick is only intended for normal skin care and is not recommended for severe acne. Size: 3 pairsBeautystick is a Swedish invention and is created by Viktoria Lönn. The product was launched at the Swedish market in fall 2006 and has been patented in 125 countries