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CLEAN Reserve Smoked Vetiver EdP CLEAN Reserve Smoked Vetiver EdP

CLEAN Reserve Smoked Vetiver EdP

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Product Description:

CLEAN Reserve Smoked Vetiver EdP is part of CLEAN Reserve, a niche collection of nine authentic, sustainable and personal fragrances. Each fragrance is linear without much movement from top to bottom, making it ideal for layering and blending. CLEAN Reserve Smoked Vetiver has a smoky sweetness that suits both men and women. A fragrance without boundaries between warm and cold, elegant, personal and timeless. A light and fresh fragrance, yet inviting and sexy with top notes from verbena, bamboo leaf, bergamot oil and quince pear, heart of blonde cedarwood, peony and wild moss and base of golden amber, soft musk, vetiver, clean woods and myrrh. Terra Woods, Blonde Rose and Sueded Oud are perfect layering partners. Size: 100 ml

Fragrance House: Mane
Perfumer: Claude Dir

The myrrh - a natural resin produced by myrrh trees - is carefully extracted by women of the Himba tribe in Namibia, while Haitian farmers harvest the vetiver with focuson reducing soil erosion and increasing yield. Working with both countries cements CLEAN's dedication to sustainability and fair trade practices.

CLEAN Reserve incarnates the CLEAN mission by gathering pure ingredients responsibly. At least one ingredient is sustainable, the alcohol is extracted from corn and the cellophane packaging from the remains from the corn extraction, the wooden lid originates from organic farming in Spain, and the perfumes are manufactured in factories that are driven by 100% solar energy.

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