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Nannic UV shield mist spray

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Order item, allow a few extra days for delivery
Product Description:

Nannic UV shield mist spray spf 20 is an revolutionary, invisible and oil-free sun protection mist that easily is reapplied for optimal UV protection. It is quick and easy to apply even over makeup and skincare. Nannic UV shields' non-greasy, non-sticky and quick drying formula actively reduces wrinkles and improves skin elasticity and provides the healthiest sun protection solution against harmful rays - it filters 95% of UVA-rays and protects against UVB-rays with spf 20.Nannic UV shield has no chemical filters, nano-particles or titanium dioxide, but protects with natural red algaes, Porphyra umbilicalis, that layers over the skin in an invisible UV shield. These red algaes also provide excellent anti-aging properties, skin elasticity and texture is improved and wrinkles are reduced.Size: 50 ml