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Orofluido Kit Shampoo + Hair Mask 500 ml

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Product Description:

Kit with Orofluido Shampoo 200 ml + Orofluido Hair Mask 500 ml. Orofluido Shampoo cleanses delicately conserving the hair's structure and leaving it light and incredibly shiny. Orofluido Hair Mask brilliantly moisturises and repairs damaged dry hair by saturating it with ultra-moisturising nutrients to bring forth the hair's inner beauty. It is a rinse-out beauty treatment for all hair types with an intense moisturising and profound repairing action. With its cationic smoothing agents that improve the aspect and reduces the electrostatic charge of dry and damaged hair, Orofluido Mask leaves the hair with an amazing shine and lightness and a mouth watering vanilla fragrance and a silky texture which glides easily through the hair and adds moisture without leaving behind a sticky residue. The aromatic scent has a foundation of bergamot and neroli, body of amber, red peppers and cyclamen-muguet, and finish of amber, vanilla and patchouli-sandalwood.