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Scratch Nails Hand & Nail Food kit

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Order item, allow a few extra days for delivery
Product Description:

Scratch Nails Hand & Nail Food kit is the ultimate kit for your hand and nail care, containing 1 Scratch Nails No Dry Hands Moisturizer 50m, 1 Scratch Nail Food 10 ml and 1 Scratch Nail Food Pen 2 ml, all products in original sizes.


Scratch Nail Food is a praised and hyped nail and cuticle oil, made of cold pressed virgin oil of superior quality, especially developed and adjusted for nails, cuticles and nail roots. Nail Food suits all nails; natural, artificial and polished. The nail oil regains the nails natural springiness and elasticity and is an outstanding treatment product when it comes to strengthening the nail. It stimulates the cells in the nail root and increases thereby circulation and nail growth. Nail Food provides moisture and nourishment and protects nails and cuticles against dehydration. It creates an unfavourable, antiseptic environment for bacterias and fungus.Scratch Nails No Dry Hands Moisturizer is a moisturizing and easily absorbed hand cream for instantly soft and smooth hands. No Dry Hands™ contains nourishing, essential oil to treat and restore moisture balance, based on the same formula as the well reputed nail oil Scratch Nail Food®. Your hands will regain and keep a youthful suppleness and elasticity.