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Daydream Skincare Flower Blue

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Order item, allow a few extra days for delivery
Product Description:

Daydream Skincare Flower Blue sleeping mask provides complete darkness for your beauty sleep. In addition, micro incapsulated retinol and ceramides stimulate collagen production, maintains moisture levels, protects and renews skin while you sleep. The effect stays for approximately 100 washes and the ceramides and retinol lasts for appr. 300 days of use.The Daydream sleeping masques comes in various beautiful patterns, is made of soft fabric which lays comfortable on your skin and has a unique, patented foam rubber shape over the nose, preventing inlet of light.The more darkness available, the deeper and more recreative the sleep becomes, since more of the hormone Melantonin is produced. Because of the hormone, the activity of the somatic cells is reduced to their most elemental level, which causes recreation. In addition, bacteria and viruses are averted and the risque of heart conditions and cancer diseases is reduced.When to use a Daydream sleeping masque: If your bedroom cannot be completely shaded, if you want to sleep in on weekends, if you want to take a power nap, when travelling, e.g. on airplanes, trains or on the airport, etc - your fantasy is the limit.Enjoy your journey into the world of daydream. We wish you pleasant dreams!