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Lulu DK Indigo Jewelry Tattoos Lulu DK Indigo Flash Tattoos Lulu DK Indigo Flash Tattoos Lulu DK Indigo Flash Tattoos sheet

Lulu DK Indigo Jewelry Tattoos

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Product Description:

Lulu DK Indigo Jewelry Tattoos provides the most luxurious body ornaments with golden and navy flash tattoos. Lulu DK Indigo Jewelry Tattoos contains 2 sheets with temporary tattoos in gold and navy of different designs. The tattoos can be set and adjusted to personalize your tattoos, worn in combination with jewelry or on their own. Gorgeous on the chest, hand, fingers, arm, back, wrist, ankle, foot etc. Golden flash tattoos makes your body shimmer and light up and are perfect to suntanned skin or whenever you need something extra. Temporary tattoos last for 4-6 days and passes international safety standards for cosmetic products. The flash tattoos are applied with water and easily removed with oil.New York based designer Lulu deKwiatkowski has created a wonderful line of jewelry tattoos in gold and silver with inspiration from New York, Los Angeles, Hamptons, Bahamas and Paris. The new black within body embellishment with fans like Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Vanessa Hudgens, Sarah Jessica Parker and Katie Holmes.

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