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Organic certifications - what do they mean?


Natrue logotype                 

NaTrue is a European non-profit association committed to promoting and protecting natural and organic cosmetics worldwide. Certification is available in three different standards and they all include only natural and organic ingredients, soft manufacturing processes and environmentally friendly practices. Things that are not used: animal testing, synthetic fragrances and colours, GMO's, petroleum derived products, silicone oils and derivatives, irradiation of end products and botanical ingredients. The 3 levels of NaTrue certification are:

NaTrue Natural Cosmetics - product content must be at least 90% natural, but not necessarily organic

NaTrue Cosmetics With Organic Portions - at least 90% natural ingredients and at least 70% must come from certified, controlled organic farming and/or wild collection

Natrue Organic Cosmetics - 100% natural and at least 95% must come from certified, controlled organic farming and/or wild collection


NATRUE certified skincare and makeup: nvey ECO Skincare, nvey ECO makeup, Trilogy


Soil Association logotype                       

Soil Association Certification is the UK's largest organic certification body. Only products that are over 95% organic (excluding water) can be called "organic" in the product name. Products that are 70-95% organic can be certified, but the cannot include the word "organic" in the product name and must state the percentage of organic ingredients in the product description. Ingredients must be grown and farmed without the use of pesticides, processed with approved "green chemistry" when modifying ingredients, bio-degradeable and free from GMO, parabens, petrochemical ingredients, propylene glycol and other potentially harming ingredients.

Soil Association-certified brands: Pai, Natracare


Cosmebio certificate          Cosmebio is the French professional association for producers, farmers, manufacturers, cosmetic laboratories and distributors of ecological and organic cosmetics. Certification guarantees that the products contain at least 95% of natural ingredients, ingredients of natural origin or stemming from organic farming.

Cosmebio-certifiered brand: 


The Ecocert label means that:

- products must contain a minimum of 95% natural ingredients

- at least 10% of the content must come from organic farming

- No GMO, parabens, phenoxyethanol or petrochemical/ synthetic ingredients

- products are not tested on animals

- packaging biodegradable and recycleable

- labelling and content is transparent for the consumer                                                                                                             

  Ecocert brand: 


Bio-Gro Certified Organic                            BioGro is New Zealand's independent leading organic certifier of standard regulations for organic certifications, set in accordance with the expectaitions of the New Zealand governmental regulations. This means that every step of the production chain, from the growing of the ingredient throught to the finished product is certified according to organic standards; the farm/orchard, processing facilities, transport, manufacturing facility and warehouse.                                                                
  Skincare product certified by Bio-Gro: 



My skincare/makeup/haircare is organic but not certified, what does that mean?

If the product is certified organic according to any of the labels available, you are guaranteed that the product meets the standards for that label. But there are many beauty brands that choose not to certify their products for various reasons, e.g. cost reasons (certifications don't come cheap), practical reasons (more freedom to choose farmer/producer) or lack of certification that meet the own criterias. The finishing product may contain all natural and organic/certified organic ingredients without being certified. Such non-certified, all natural brands are REN Clean Skincare,  One Love Organics,  True Organic of Sweden and MOP e.g.